Tamron SP Di AF 90mm f/2.8 macro

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New lens came today, but I can only get my D3300 to recognize the lens when it is at the minimum aperture of f/32. Otherwise I get an fEE error message telling me to "lock lens aperture at the minimum aperture" and the camera doesn't work. Here f/2.8 was a big selling point to me.

Regardless of aperture, the AF doesn't engage, not even at f/32.

While everywhere I checked said this Tamron lens for Nikon worked with any Nikon model, does it really work with the D3300, or do I have a dud lens that needs to go back to the online seller?


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    Update: While every source I could find said the camera and Tamron 90mm macro were compatible, I found out from tech support and the seller that they aren't actually. Buried deep in the Amazon reviews I discovered why!

    This lens, the Tamron 272E has only five connector pins. For our D3300's to work with a lens, they must have eight. This may or may not be true across the board for every lens, but it does give us a way to pre-screen lenses to know if they are a possible fit.

    Just thought that might save someone else from getting their hopes up and then being disappointed.
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