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I bought my Nikon D5200 on August 15th, and it was working fine until December 16th. After using the camera and finding that images were coming out blurry in auto mode, I tried manual mode, and it was working pretty well. After that one day I took a photo in auto mode with the focus using AE-L button and found the lens motor working. Then I took a photo in remote mode using ML-3, and found the camera focusing automatically. My half press does not show focus, what do I do now?


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    It sounds from this description as if you have accidentally enabled the "AF ON" setting in your menu, which gives you back button focusing. That is a very handy feature if you want it, but it means the AF will only work when you press that back button. I always have this feature enabled, but it's an acquired taste, and if you want shutter button focus, go to the menu, where you assign the AF/AE button, and check the setting there. The default is the top one, AE and AF lock together, but any setting other than AF ON will restore shutter button focusing.

    As it happens, for reasons known only to Nikon, back button focus does not work correctly with the IR remote, and reverts to shutter button focus, which is why it worked for you.
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