Shutter Delay Mode

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Recently I've become aware of the shutter delay mode, and I'm wondering if and where others would use it. To me, one use would be for taking pictures of moving water and going for that 'silky' effect. I've done a number of these (not using shutter delay) with tripod etc., and they look really good. I'm just wondering if using the delay would further decrease the possibility of shake or vibration.

Thanks in advance for you comments.


  • Exposure delay will separate the lifting of the mirror from the shutter, and can be useful on a tripod for slow shutter speeds. It may make no difference, especially with a short lens, but it won't do any harm and might help. Self timer delay and remote release delay won't separate mirror from shutter, but will allow any tripod vibration to settle before firing.

    Most of the time you probably won't notice a difference, but if you want the maximum benefit, you could probably combine exposure delay with the two second self timer delay.
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