Best settings for subjects with glasses

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I have a Nikon D5100 kit lens and the Nikon 55-200mm lens. I recently used Portrait setting for outdoor portraits on a sunny day. The reflection from my glasses ruined many of my photos. How can I combat this problem?


  • The main issue is that you can't use a direct flash with glasses, so any setting that defaults to the built in flash will cause problems.

    Even without a flash, glasses can be a problem, but it helps if you can get the light at enough of an angle to prevent glare. If you have a non-flash source of light, you will be able to see whether glare is occurring, and often a fairly small adjustment of the subject's face angle can prevent it. Whatever angle the light hits, there will be a corresponding direction of reflection, and you must not be in that area. If the subject tilts his or her head a little, it may not take much to move the reflection out of the camera's viewpoint.
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