Best all around lens

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What's the best all around lens to have with me on a day-to-day basis?


  • Howdy @happy - Lenses are designed for specific types of photography and effects. Ultimately it comes down to the types of subjects and scenes that interest you most. If you're just looking for a good all around "outdoor" shooter, you can't go wrong with the all-in-one Tamron 18-270mm VC (see here). This lens will allow you to capture everything from landscapes to distant birds. Happy shooting! :)
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    The VC has now been replaced by the 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
    Di II VC "PZD". I'm looking to buy this for my D3100, but currently it's super expensive.
  • Howdy @Punnyabrata - Yep, the link I provided jumps to the newer PZD version. For those wondering, PZD stands for Piezo Drive (focusing motor).
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