Worry about going manual

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Just starting looking at Moose's site and would like to start using manual settings. Once I set up manual settings and I turn off the camera, is that setting gone?


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    I'm afraid so.
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    @pbked, I'm surprised at this. Not being a Canon guy, perhaps this is different. On a Nikon, about the only things that reset on power off are the remote shutter mode (every shot also) and the self timer (on power off). Those will revert to either single or multiple mode depending on what was set before.

    Automatic settings that are made on the fly by the meter are, of course, made anew every time, but all the manual settings persist. That includes any AF choice, any manual setting of aperture or shutter speed, meter mode, manual ISO, single or multiple shutter mode, exposure compensation, and so on. Aperture settings made manually will be transferred when lenses are interchanged as well as throughout modes. If you are in aperture priority mode, and set f/8, and then change to another AF lens, it will come up at f/8 too if the lens supports it. If you set f/8 in A or M mode, it will be the setting in both modes. In S or P mode it will change as needed, but when you return to A or M mode, it will be f/8 again. Same with shutter speeds set in M or S mode.

    Live View mode will also always stop and revert to viewfinder, as will any movie or any long exposure that is not finished. And power off is the only way to return the mirror from the sensor cleaning position.

    But otherwise, if you have a manual setting made, and put the camera down for a month, when you come back it will be as you left it.

    There are a couple of odd glitches in the way that Auto ISO crosses over from one mode to another, but none of those affect manual setting, except that, at least on a D3200, any resetting of manual ISO in P, S, A or M causes all the picture modes to revert to Auto.
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    Hi @BRUTO,
    You are, of course, completely right and I owe @BALDEAGLE an apology for misleading him.
    I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe the Alzheimers is kicking in. Time I stopped contributing to this site I think.
    Regards, and thanks for highlighting my foolishness.
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    I hope not as you contribute a lot, and know a whole lot more about Canons than I do!

    Perhaps a brain cramp, as many portable cameras do indeed revert annoyingly to auto settings.
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