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Guys I've just taken delivery of my new D5200. I have a lovely Sigma auto focus lens, which I had on my f60 body, and it's coming up with an Er on the screen.
Any help here please? Also screen said lock lens aperture ring to largest f setting.


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    On this model, all AF lenses with an aperture ring must be locked to the largest F setting, as there is no option to use the aperture ring, and all adjustment is made by the camera. There is a little boss on the aperture ring that pushes down a switch on the camera's mount (it's at about 9:00 position as you look at the mount from in front). On the F60 and most older cameras, the switch is actuated by moving sideways. On the D3xxx and 5xxx, it's actuated by pushing downwards.

    I had an issue with my D3200 on some older lenses, that the boss did not properly push down that switch at first, though the lens clicked into place. If the lens mount has some play, it may not be going all the way over. Reach a fingernail down there and give it a little help.

    The edge of that boss on some lenses is a little too sharp, and instead of riding properly over the switch, it digs in a little. Be careful here that your lens does not damage the switch. A very tiny bit of burnishing on the edge may help a little. The difference between not working and working is tiny. If you've had that problem already, there might be a little damage to the soft material of the switch, but it's better to leave that alone, and just use caution and a little fingernail help when putting the lens on.

    If, for some reason, this lens does not have an aperture ring, and is returning the error anyway, it is probably a lens compatibility issue. Nikon does not release data on their AF lens connections, and other manufacturers must reverse engineer it. They usually do well, but sometimes compatibility gets messed up.

    Be prepared for the fact that if this lens does not have its own focusing motor, it will not AF with the camera. Once you have cleared the error it will meter all right, but will be manual focus.
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