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I'm trying to engage the HSS feature of my Yongnuo586EX speedlight, so I can use faster shutter speeds with a wider aperture. The speedlight manual says I need to "adjust the flash sync speed to Auto FP through the camera menu." I'm not finding "auto FP" in the D3300 reference guide (but then again I am learning that there is so much more our cameras can do than the guide would suggest! We just have to sleuth out how to accomplish these things). Not finding any flash sync speed settings in the camera menu either. Am I overlooking something really obvious, or is High Speed Sync something I will need a trigger to use? Right now I'm using the speedlight either in the camera hotshoe or on a cable.


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    I don't think any of this family of cameras supports high speed sync.

    It's possible to fire a shoe mounted flash at higher than sync speed when the camera is set to manual mode, but I know of no flash that provides manual HSS. HSS is generally only done in TTL mode because the pulses are timed quite specifically to the operation of the shutter.

    I think there may be some flashes that allow off camera manual mode with a trigger, but I think the trigger still has to be set to HSS in the camera.
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    Thanks Bruto. Your response is consistent with the instructions, and in Googling my question further, it seems you are correct that our D3200/D3300 won't support HSS even if the speedlight is built to do that. Bummer.
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    So, I am just about finishing up a class on Off-Camera Flash by Bernie Raffe through Udemy. Excellent course; highly recommended!

    The takeaway from the class is that my Yongnuo 586EX speedlight should be a great fit for an upgraded camera body when I feel ready to do that. In the meantime, the HSS capability sits hibernating and I can research transmitter/receiver/transceiver units. What I can do to widen the aperture in bright light now while using the speedlight for fill is to use an HD filter; a cheap solution!

    Thanks again for your insights, Bruto. I always enjoy reading your responses.
  • Have the same problem here .
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