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I have a Canon EOS T3i. Please give me all the possible tips so that I can operate my new camera effectively; all the nuts and bolts for effective operation. Thanks.


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    The best tip I can give you in the first instance is to read the manual from cover to cover. Have your camera close so that you can apply some of the stuff that you are reading. Obviously the aim is to learn what all the buttons and dials do, but also important is that you want to take pictures.
    I am a great fan of P mode which is like full auto, but allows you to control the camera in some ways (whereas full auto does everything).
    Then go out and take lots of pictures of different things at different times of day or if you feel you want to concentrate on landscapes; take lots of landscapes. You can always delete the duff ones - such is the beauty of digital.
    Zoombrowser, Canon's software which came with your camera, is an excellent tool for viewing your pictures. You can choose to view the shooting information for your pictures and also which points the camera focussed on.
    If you don't have the manual or Zoombrowser, both can be downloaded from Canon's support site.
    One last tip - come back here regularly and use the search facility to help answer your questions, or if you don't feel the answers help you, post a new one and I am sure someone will get back to you with an answer.
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