Shutter button freezes/locks

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Hello Moose,

I brought a new D3300 camera, so I was excited to click a few shots.
As per my expectation, I got few beautiful shots. I encountered a problem when I was shooting under guide mode (adv options) sunset mode. I found that 3-4 times during the 15-20 minutes of clicks, the shutter button got frozen/locked. I was pressing the button, but it was not going through. I turned off the camera and turned it back on, and then it started working fine. I am worried as this incident happened 3-4 times during multiple sunset shots. The camera was fully charged and the SD card is new - Toshiba flash air w-03 16GB. I've never faced this kind of issue with my old D5100.

Please suggest what could be the issue.


  • Before you get too worried, remember that this camera operates in "focus priority" when the auto focus is actuated. What this means is that if the camera does not achieve focus, it will not fire. Skies can be very hard to focus on, because the edges and contrasts that AF needs are not always present.

    Next time this happens, try re-aiming the camera at something other than the sky. Waste a shot to if need be. If it fires then, it's probably fine.

    Also make sure that you're not outrunning the buffer. Unlikely unless you're shooting in continuous mode and Raw files, but if the little light on the back of the camera is staying on, that might indicate that you need to wait for it to read to the card.
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