Vegas wedding

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Hi, I'll make this brief.
My niece is getting married next week in Vegas - very low budget.
She asked me to bring my camera (Rebel t3i), which means I am the photographer. I took a college class many years ago when I bought the camera. Last summer we were in Alaska for three months and I bought a bunch of lenses - retail scarce! I have 50mm f/1.8, 24mm f/2.8, and also a 55-250mm image stabilizer macro .85/2.8 Tokina macro f/2.8 d? I just bought whatever (too little by in Alaska). I also bought some telephoto, which I know I will not bring! I bought all cheat sheets related to my lenses -
what else do I need? Tripod? Extra flash? Please help.


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    I'm specifically asking what I should bring?
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    I would heavily advise you take a light weight tripod along with you. I imagine they will want some static shots captured from the day. Have you got a camera with video capabilities? It's becoming more and more popular to have weddings documented in video form it seems!
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