Af-p lens or Af-s lens

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Hi. I am new to the digital slr world of photography. I recently bought a Nikon D3300 from Amazon. Although they offered me a new Af-p 18-55mm kit lens, what I got is an Af-s 18-55mm kit lens. Does the af-p lens has significant advantage over the af-s lens? Should I return it and replace it with af-p lens?


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    The AFP comes in two versions, one with and one without VR.

    The D3300 was generally equipped with the AFS lens that you got, and I would be surprised if it came as a kit with the AFP lens, which I believe came out about the same time as the D3400.

    Optically the lenses are similar, but the AFP has a stepper motor that is supposed to be quieter and faster than the AFS, making it better for video, and it is the first such lens to have a manual override for the AF, making it possible to fine focus manually without switching off the AF. In return, however, it does not have an AF off or VR off switch, and turning either on and off requires going to the camera's menu.

    I would make an inquiry of the vendor. If the camera is the US model, kit in box, etc., the error is probably in the description. If it's a "gray market" import, and not the kit in the box, then it probably ought to be assembled by the vendor as described. Although the switches might be a convenience at times, it would appear that the AFP is an improvement over the AFS in auto focusing speed and quietness, so probably worth pursuing, though both are probably the same optically.

    If you're planning to do extensive video, I'd definitely make some effort here, as it appears the most noticeable improvement in the P lens is in video auto focusing, both speed and quietness.

    However, I would not go for the P for still work if the P version in question is the one without VR. Although you can get by quite nicely most of the time without VR in the 18-55mm range, it is a definite plus that allows you to use the relatively slow aperture lens in surprisingly low light.
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    Thank you @BRUTO for your reply. I'm from India. All the online stores in India and also Nikon India sites offer af-p VR kit lens with the D3300. However, I'm not into extensive video, so I may stick with the af-s lens I got.
  • Ah, I tend to forget how international the internet is. I don't think you will find the AFS regrettable, and doubt you will find any important difference in image quality, but do suggest that you inquire about the issue if the AFP VR is what you paid for.
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    Thanks again. Yes, they promised the AFP VR, but I got it on an offer, so the price is about the same (or less). As you said, if the image quality is the same, then I'm happy with AFS lens.
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