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Hello experts,
I'm not a beginner but have some basic understanding of photography. I use a Canon 60D camera to take pictures with the 18-135mm lens that came with the camera. Recently I bought a sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens to take portrait photos. This lens is great, but I found a strange issue with it. If I take pictures indoors, with or without flash, the results are great. However when I take any pictures outdoors, on a sunny day, it works fine. The problem is, if I use flash (for filling), the pictures taken is over exposed (almost white). I tried playing with settings to take pictures but same result when using flash. For example I used Av mode with f/1.4 with flash. ISO was A, but the picture is too bright. After struggling for a while I found that when using Av or M mode, even though I set shutter speed to 5000 (because I used f/1.4), the moment I press button half way to focus, camera change shutter speed to 250 (max). After that, I can't increase the shutter speed. For testing purposes I tried the same with my zoom lens (18-135mm), and everything works great with f/3.5, and I can increase the shutter speed to the max possible.

So I'm wondering if there is some limitation when using a sigma prime lens with the 60D or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any suggestions or clues!



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    Have a look at pages 130 and 253 in the manual. Then you'll understand the 1/250 limit

    The 60D is a beast, but well worth mastering.

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    Thanks OLDFOTOGRAPHER! I found the info in the manual. However I'm not able to overcome this setting as there are only a few settings available in C Fn menu. How do I take outdoor pictures with flash on and with f/1.4? Do I need a better lens?
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