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Hi, I own a Canon 760C/ T6S. Is there a setting to stop the pop up flash from firing/evaluating when camera is focusing in low light conditions? This can be extremely annoying for the subject whos picture you are taking.
I use my camera in manual mode and use external flash, however on very rare occasions, I've had to use pop up flash.
Have looked through menus on the camera with no success.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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    I don't know what the menu options are on a Canon, but look for a setting for focus aid. It won't be in the flash settings, but somewhere else. Many cameras use the flash or a bright light to find focus in the dark, and you can usually turn it off somewhere.

    @scott012345 - edit to add: I looked it up. You can disable the AF assist beam. Apparently it's in special menu 3 item 7, but you're on your own for getting there, as Nikon menus are quite differently arranged.
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