SD cards and cheat sheets

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First let me say I found your site while researching SD cards. Cannot wait to read all your tips. I am going on a 10 day trip to the Galapagos Islands in October.
I read that the new higher speed cards would work in my camera, but I wouldn't get the benefit of the speed. Is this correct? Which SD card would you recommend? I do plan to download my pictures to my laptop and another storage just for safe keeping. I recently lost pictures when a hard drive went bad on me. Should I download to the second storage device or plan on when I fill the card keeping it intact?
My second question is on your cheat sheets. I plan to order the one for the 75-300mm. I also have a Canon 28-200mm. Would you have one that works for that lens?


  • Hi Tdun @catmom - Sounds like an awesome trip! You won't notice an improvement with regards to speed on your camera, however, you will notice an increase in speed when transferring images to your computer. I would get a Lexar or SanDisk 32GB memory card, with a class 10 rating and a minimum read/write speed of 90mbps. Yes, I would backup the photos to a second storage device and keep it in a bag separate from your camera/memory cards. I don't currently have a set for the 28-200mm, but I may end up creating one in the future. Happy clicking!
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