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Hi there,
I recently bought the Nikon D3300 as my first DSLR, and so far, I like it a lot! I'm more interested in filmmaking, but I love to do some photography as well. However, when I take a picture, it takes almost 10 seconds to load so I can see it, or let me take another. It's literally 10 seconds of black screen with me not being able to do anything, and when I'm taking multiple shots of the same thing, this is a big inconvenience. Any advice?


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    That does not sound normal. Is this the same for all images in all different situations?

    Even with a very poor memory card, the camera should have a buffer capable of taking a half dozen or more shots, even in Raw mode, without delay. However, one of the first things I'd do is to see if a different memory card makes a difference.

    What happens when you select multiple shutter firing mode? Does it hang up then, or will it fire several shots quickly in a row?

    It is usual for long time exposures to take a long time to load, if you have the noise reduction feature on. This should only affect long exposures, and should only be approximately double the time of the exposure, though, so if this is occurring with normal exposures, forget the above. Long exposure noise reduction actually takes a second shot with the shutter closed, and adds the two. So if you take a ten second exposure, it will go black for another ten. Obviously, though, this is only a problem in long exposures.

    Does anything appear on the info screen, or light up, when this is happening?

    The D3200 had a firmware problem similar to this, which was fixed with an update, but I see no mention of this in the D3300 update. You should probably check your firmware, though to see if you have the second version, 1.01, which corrects a couple of other problems.
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