Use Nikon D3100 for Live recorder

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I intended to use my camera to perform shooting live sports. Based on the research I've done I noticed that the solution is to use capture cards or programs to associate machines. However, the Spanko program (I think it was written well) did not recognize the machine .

It is possible with a capture card or this model is not compatible to what I intend to accomplish with it?


  • It is a little uncertain exactly what you are trying to do here, but I am guessing that the idea is to feed live video via cable to a capture card or other device rather than to the camera's internal memory. The D3200 allows HDMI monitoring and some control through HDMI, as well as tethered still operation to a limited degree through USB. I don't know whether the D3100 does so as easily, but I believe if you turn off the HDMI controls in the menu, it might.

    I note that the D3200 instructions do mention the possibility that some HDMI devices won't recognize the format the camera uses, and advises that you set output to 1080 Interlaced.

    This is something I have only read about without doing, except for tethered shooting with the D3200 using a laptop as live view monitor, which does work. I use a freeware program called "Digicam Control," which works well for tethering, but only uses WiFi and USB, and as far as I know it does not do movies, though it can be set, so it says, to stream Live View.

    If, as is quite possible, I've completely misunderstood what's being done here, please try again. This subject may take some time to understand.

    I suspect you are not posting from the US, because the program you mention does not seem to exist here.
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