Cheat cards for different lenses

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As a gift I received the EOS Canon Rebel SL1, which came with 18-55mm lenses and a zoom lenses 75-300mm. I'm just starting to play around with it, and I ordered the SL1 100 D, and 75-300mm cheat cards, but I'm a little confused on what lenses the cards are giving me tips on. Whether I'm suppose to leave on the 18-55mm or switch to 75-300mm, or do you have to order the cards separately for each lens?


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    Hi @LISAP,
    You will have to purchase 2 sets of cards - 1 set for each lens.
  • Hi @lisap - As @PBked pointed out, the cheat cards are specific to the lens that is attached. Meaning the settings will change a bit when you use the 18-55mm versus the 75-300mm. There are also different scenarios based on the lens you're using. For example, the 75-300mm set has scenarios for subjects that are farther away (birds, airshows, motorsports, etc...).
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