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Hi there!

Thanks for all the great info and tips. I'm thinking of purchasing a 600D, but it'll be my first DSLR camera and I'll only have a couple of weeks to practice with it before going on holiday. I was wondering if I'll get OK images using the auto mode? Obviously I want to practice using the manual mode, but I don't assume I'll get all of that under control before my holiday. I think I'll take pictures in raw format so that I can edit them better afterwards.
But what's your opinion on the auto mode of the D600? My other option is a Canon SX60 hs, but I'm assuming even auto mode on the D600 will give me better image quality right?

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    First, the 600D is an APS-C sized sensor which is way bigger than the sensor in the SX60 hs. Bigger sensor = better detail.
    Second, if you have only a couple of weeks to your holiday may I suggest P (program mode) - it is basically a full auto mode, but you do have control over some elements. Full auto takes over completely, but yes it takes good shots most of the time.
    You are right to suggest shooting in RAW, however, with the 600D you can also choose RAW+JPG and I would suggest setting this.
    Dslr's don't usually come with memory cards so purchase at least 16 GB class 10 from a reputable maker such as Sandisk, Transcend, Sony or Lexar. If possible purchase 2.
    I know it would be early days, but could I also suggest you purchase a 2nd battery (you never miss one until you need it).
    Sorry to flood you with info, but I hope it has been helpful info.
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