Card access problems on 1200D

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Hello, I recently bought a new 1200D with combined standard and telephoto lens. I have had issues with my two new memory cards. When I have taken a few photos it comes up with card access, and I cannot take pictures. This has happened with both my SD cards, and I'm afraid I cannot recover precious pictures taken at a few events. Is there a solution to this problem? I do not want to format the card as I'll lose everything.


  • I cannot address the card access issue directly, but if I were you I would immediately find a correct card reader and transfer any and all images I can find to a computer hard drive. Never let a single card be your only copy of files. You should make a regular practice of offloading your cards. Never rely on a card as a long term storage device.

    Once you've copied the files, you can try a fresh formatting in the camera, and see what happens then. If the cards continue to be defective, I'd try another brand of card. If that works well, maybe the cards have a warranty. If it doesn't you need to look at the camera.

    Make sure too that you're not just overrunning the camera's buffer. If you have slow cards and a new computer that makes big images, it may take a while to read to the cards.
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