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I would like to know how to convert Raw format to jpg. I tried through Adobe Photo Shop CS5 and it didn't work .



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    Speaking only from the Nikon side, this can be done in the camera's own editing program, and the Nikon software allows it too. Whenever you do Raw processing in camera, the file is saved as a new JPG.

    There are a number of freeware conversion programs that do a good job of this if your computer can read the Raw file initially (depending on computer and Raw format it may need some codec to be downloaded). Irfanview is one that is very easy to use, and allows quick resampling and resizing, including bulk operations. Faststone Image Viewer is another, which is somewhat less intuitive in its interface, but has some better editing features, and works very well. One thing Faststone does better than anything else is to re-write the file information on vertical shots, so that every other program reads them correctly. If you have had any difficulty with this (a common issue when making CD's and DVD's for video monitor display) this program will fix it.

    In both these programs you may have to select what JPG conversion algorithms to use, as there are several which vary in speed and file size. "Lanczos" is the slowest, and works nicely. If you're dong a whole bunch at once, Irfan is probably the easiest to set up for a bulk rewrite.
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    Thank you Mr. Bruto for valuable suggestion. I was able to convert through canon software, and will try freeware conversion also. Thank you and Bless you.
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    The software DPP which should come with your camera is what you should be using. If you don't have this software you can download it for free from Canon's website. All Raw files are converted to jpg through the convert and save menu option which can be done as a batch process. This means all your original RAW files remain intact. The beauty of DPP is that being dedicated Canon software, it has lots of goodies like lens correction data built in.
    Of course the easiest way to convert RAW to Jpg is to choose that option when taking pictures.
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