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I have read through numerous forums regarding the Canon DSLR flashing busy. I have tried many of the suggestions including purchasing new batteries, SD card, changing modes, lenses. I still get the flashing "busy" which leaves my camera inoperable. This is getting very discouraging. Does anyone have a real tried and tested solution to this problem, or a troubleshooting check list of all the possible reasons to why this is happening?
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    Hi Rhonda,
    This is an oft recurring subject. The "busy" message should display when the flash unit is recycling. If you have used the built in flash unit recently, make sure the flash is still working. First choose Full Auto mode (green rectangle). Go into a darkened area and press the shutter button half way. The flash should pop up. Press the shutter button all the way and the flash should fire. Do this a couple of times checking that the flash fires each time and the "busy" message should go away. Make sure you click the flash head firmly back down.
    If the flash does not fire but your camera still displays busy, then I would suggest that there is a fault with the built in flash.
    To test this out, enter the menu system and choose the first tab. At the bottom, choose flash control. Now set flash firing to disable. This disables both the built in flash and external flash units.
    Your camera should be fully functional with no busy messages as the flash has been disabled. If this is the case, then it would suggest a flash fault and a visit to a repairer.
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