LCD display problem

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Every time I turn on my camera the LCD is almost completely black, apart from this slight glow (that's how I know it isn't completely broken). As far as I know it still works, it just isn't showing anything, even when I press buttons and take photos. I've done everything, including pressing the live view and viewfinder, and pressing the info button numerous times. I can't go into the settings because there's nothing to see since it doesn't show anything! If someone has a solution that would be fantastic! So please help!


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    Can you see anything at all in a very dark place?

    It seems unlikely that it could just be a setting issue. I know on the Nikon you cannot dim the brightness all the way to black, but on the off chance you can on this one, you might be able to do it by feel. The instructions for the T5i indicate that the menu entry is on settings page #2, one down from the top. So to get there, you would enter the menus, and then go 7 steps to the right, and one down. At this point you should be in the monitor brightness menu. Push the [set] button, use the right arrow to brighten, and push the [set] button again to set it.

    (disclaimer: this is a guess. I do not have a Canon on which to try it!)

    I somehow suspect this is not the problem, because I doubt the display would go that dark, but it might be worth a shot. This comes, by the way, from page 205 of the PDF manual on line.
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