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Just bought the D3300 this week; new change from Canon to Nikon.
I'm fairly used to digital SLR, so not a novice, but I can't get the monitor to show me anything. When I press menu or play mode there's nothing showing.
Sorry I feel dumb with such a basic question, but can anyone help?


  • If you mean nothing at all shows on the rear display even when you push the menu button, or when you turn it on, I would suspect something wrong with the camera. The menu button should show a menu screen with choices for what to change. The [i] button should also show a different menu screen, and the [>] button should open the playback and show you your last shot. The [info] button near the shutter button should show you your current settings, and generally will then turn off after a few seconds. You can set the camera to whether it briefly shows the results of a shot after you've taken it or stays blank until you open the playback.

    Maybe there's some info lacking here, but generally speaking, you would have to try very hard not to get the display to show you something at some point.

    I've run the batteries on my D3200 down to practically nothing and still had a screen showing, but just to be sure, you should probably make sure the battery is fully charged.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    Yes, basically nothing at all, not even when I press menu. It worked for about 10 minutes, then I charged the battery, as it was brand new camera, and now nothing. The flash works so I very much doubt it's the battery.
  • I'm sorry to say that does not sound good. If the flash works, it's likely that the battery is good - certainly good enough to light the display - and it's certain that the camera is turning on (the flash won't even pop up if it's off), so it does not sound as if it's your mistake.

    Is the camera taking any pictures?
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