Photographing moving children

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I have a Nikon D3100 with 35mm f/1.8 lens. Which cheat sheet should I use for photographing my quick 2.5 year old son, when he's moving around fast and playing?


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    I would generally keep my camera set on the specific setting so I can grab it quickly and shoot.

    Another example is like when I see a bobcat walk through my yard. I need to grab the camera fast and shoot. What setting would you recommend for quick moments where you don't have time to dial stuff in?
  • Hi @prfctraptur - You will want to either use the "Child Portrait (Daytime)" or "Sports / Fast Action" settings depending on how fast he's running around.

    With regards to quick settings, you can always adjust the mode dial to the "running man" icon and you should be able to freeze the action as long as there's plenty of light. All the best!
  • @Moose how about in low light indoors?
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