Will the Nikon SB-400 work in continuous mode?

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I was talking with a fellow D3100 owner over on my Facebook page and he was wondering if the Nikon SB-400 works when continuous (burst) mode is enabled. I thought it would be beneficial to share our conversation with all of you...

Ricky's Question: I want to get an external flash for my D3100 and I'm looking at the Nikon SB-400 AF speedlight. Will this flash give me the opportunity to shoot in continuous mode with the flash going off for each shot? Thanks!

Moose's Answer: Unfortunately no. The SB-400 takes a couple seconds to recycle/recharge for the next flash shot. The D3100 can shoot 3 frames per second, so you'd end up with one flash shot every 6 frames or so. The SB-700 would allow to dial down the flash power which would give you faster shot to shot speeds, but no where near 3fps.
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