Off camera flash

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I bought interfit 150 studio flash, but what adapter do I need to fit into hot shoe? There are two flash units with the set.


  • If I'm reading things right here, the Interfit flashes are remote strobe units that are triggered by an infrared pulse similar to many other flashes that allow on or off camera use. Since the D3300 does not have a built-in infrared pulse, what you will need is an infrared adapter that fits on the hot shoe. That works much as a hot shoe flash would, except that instead of flashing, it sends an infrared signal to the remote flashes. It appears that the Interfit unit designed for this is unavailable until June.

    Here is a link to another page (and I'm sorry to say it's infested with ads) which discusses some other possible options.

    Some of the higher model cameras have a commander mode, which I think includes the infrared pulse built in, but alas, the D3xxx does not.

    Again, if I'm reading right on this, the single infrared trigger will fire whatever flashes are ready at the same time.
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