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I bought one of those cheap remote shutter cords (shooter mc36-3b ) from China, and it worked a few times, but now when I go to use it, it doesn't work anymore. It seems to be alright, but when you hit the button it doesn't open the shutter. Maybe its not compatible with the D3100? Has anyone else had this problem? I just ordered another one from Nikon to see if that one works.


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    I'm not sure about the corded remote on the D3100, but the cordless used on the D3200 stays in focus priority mode when AF is turned on. That means the shutter won't fire if the camera cannot lock focus. Before giving up on the Chinese one, I'd try one shot with the focus set on M at the lens. It need not be a good shot, you can erase it if it fires, but if it fires then you can guess it's an AF issue. If it does not, then I'd wait to see how the Nikon one works, because the Chinese one might just be kaput.
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    Thanks for the info Bruto, but I have already tried it on manual, and it still didn't work. The regular Nikon ones are also made in China, so I don't see what the big difference would be, but maybe the Nikon ones are a little better quality. I've since read online that the cheap China ones are not compatible with the D3100. I'll wait for the Nikon and see what happens.
  • I received the Nikon MC-DC2 today. Works like a charm.
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