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Hello, I am an old school slr convert. I thought I would be able to use the D5300, but I will say it, I am electronically challenged and I hate this camera. Every time I go to use it, which is rarely, I have to read a "dummies" book and it takes me an hour to figure out what I am doing. So it's not the camera, it's the operator. I admit it. Somehow this camera got in movie mode and I can't get it back to picture mode. I have pressed the red button continually and have moved the sliding switch on the top of the camera back and forth (the live mode switch) and I cannot get this thing out of movie mode. The red button does nothing. The whole reason I got into movie mode is because my monitor view disappeared and I started pressing buttons all over the place trying to figure out how to get it back. Then it went to movie mode on the monitor. Someone please tell me how to get this thing out of movie mode so I can sell this thing! If anyone is interested in a camera please email me. I have had it since last June and it's been used about a dozen times. Thanks.


  • Try taking the battery out and charging it full.
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    Turn it off, and charge the battery. As @Miketosea suggests, a low battery can make everything work oddly. When the battery is fully charged, put it back in, and make sure the Live View switch is forward. Then turn it back on. It should come back in viewfinder non movie mode when it is turned on. Make sure it is not in Live View at all. The camera will not make movies at all in viewfinder mode, so if you get it in viewfinder mode, you can be sure it's not in movie mode.

    Now, to switch to Live View without movie mode, you should push the LV switch forward, and do not touch the red dot button. The mirror should go up, the viewfinder go black, and the monitor light up with a live view, which looks much the same as movie mode on the monitor, but the shutter will still take one picture at a time. There are different options for what is shown in the Live View screen. I'm not sure just where those options are found on a D5300, but it should still be in single shot mode. Try it by pushing the shutter button. It should take a single picture. In Live View there are several steps: The shutter will close and the display go dark momentarily, and then the shutter will operate to take the picture, and then it will open and return to the display. In viewfinder view, the process is quicker: the mirror flips up and the viewfinder goes dark, the shutter takes a picture, and the mirror flips back down and the viewfinder opens back up, but this occurs very fast.

    If for some reason this is not working this way, I suggest that there might be a mechanical issue, or a setting gone wrong. The first thing I'd do is try a complete reset. On the D5300 you will see two buttons with green dots next to them. Turn the camera on, and press both those buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, and the entire camera should reset to its defaults.

    I would suggest that you not get too desperate yet. Once you get used to using a camera like this it can work very well, and give you pictures that lesser cameras cannot, but you need to be patient with the camera and yourself.

    If you are interested in taking single shot pictures, and want the best results, I would strongly suggest that you get used to using the viewfinder rather than the LCD screen for normal shooting. The AF works better there, and it's easier to hold the camera steady, easier to compose carefully, and there's no chance of accidentally going into movie mode.

  • Those are great detailed instructions.
  • I have been using my D5300 for a couple of year snow and am very happy with it for still shots. I have not used and did not intend to use video or movie mode. However when I went into live view this morning I found it was in video mode.

    I don't know how I got into this, it ws curly accidental. I now find I can't get out of it.

    I have tried the methods suggested by Miketosea and Bruto with success.

    Every time I go into live view, I still find the camera in video. Help!!!

  • I don't have a D5300 so am just looking at instructions and comparing with the D3200 and D7100 which I do have.

    On the D5300 it appears that, like the D3200, there is no hardware switch between still and video modes in Live View, but pushing the [info] button will cycle through different LV screens, and in the process will also determine how settings are changed. Try going into Live View and changing the screen with the [info] button, and see if that gets you back to still mode.

    By the way, you may know this already, but the printed manual that comes with the D3x00, and probably the D5x00 family as well, is not the complete one. On the D3200 the full manual was in PDF form on the accompanying CD, and can also be gotten from Nikon's web site. If you don't have that PDF, it's well worth finding it, as the information here is much more complete than the pitiful pamphlet that comes with the camera.

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