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How do I change my D3100 to a higher resolution?


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    Go to the menu, or to the [i] button menu.

    If you shoot in Raw mode, or Raw+F, you will always be in the highest resolution. No other options exist.

    If you shoot in JPG mode alone, two options are available. The first, "Quality", is the amount of compression applied. "F" for fine is the least compressed. Greater compression will result in smaller files and slightly more compression artifacts, but the overall number of pixels (resolution) will not be changed. The second option is size, and you have the choice of L , M and S. L is the largest.

    If your use the [i] menu, you'll find the options at the top right. Arrow to the needed setting and hit [OK] to open it. When Raw and Raw+F are chosen in "QUAL", all other options are grayed out. When one of the other JPG options is chosen, the size menu is opened up, and you can arrow down to it to make a setting.
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