Different Nikon lens taking photo of coyote

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Got to take some pictures of a coyote, and put on google photos. Can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/hjjdekf. Photos show comparison of a Nikon 24mm f/2.8 AF d, a Nikon 18-55mm AF-s zoom that I set at 55mm I believe, and a Nikon 55-300mm AF-S zoom.
Haven't used the 24mm lens much and wanted to see what it can do. Pictures of the unlucky coyote were taken about 6 feet (2 meters away).
Even with the wire fence between me and the coyote, it was pretty intimidating even if he was more afraid of me. The camera is a D7100.


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    Edited url above to work. Had to share the photos first.
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    Hi @LEEBO,
    Nice set of pictures. Are you sure you are a beginner? Hope you set the poor thing free after taking your shots.
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    It was literally two houses over out in the country. Someone drives into our driveway and says there's a coyote stuck on the fence. My mother in law calls the police and they say call fish and game, and she does. We see the coyote and take some quick pictures and head to church. Afterwards we return and unfortunately the coyote is gone; only his hind leg being cut off and some blood on the ground remain. I'm sure the fish and game took care of it and took the coyote to a furharvester so he could have the pelt.
    I've read some camera books a long time ago and forgot everything. The only thing I can remember is center the subject in the frame somewhere and try to make the shot look interesting. I am really amazed at how the camera and 55-300mm lens close up came out. Just put in on dpreview under the animal contest they are having (after cropping it on left side). I was in a hurry to get mb down to size, then used irfan to convert size to 1900xwhatever to make it 700k vs 10meg original size.
    Thanks, leebo
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    When I heard my mother in law called fish and game, the coyote's fate was out of my hands. I didn't want the fish and game to come back to me and ask, "Why did you do that?" (possible can't win situation - not knowing what they would want to do).
  • Nice.
    That coyote does not look as if he wants to be your friend!
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