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Hi, I would like to shoot in Raw, but my computer won't let me download those images. Is there a good cheap program for doing that? Also if I shoot in the Raw and download them, will there be an issue if I try to put those images on Facebook?


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    Do you have the View NX2 program from Nikon? It comes on a disk with the D3300 and is also a free download at their website: ( It will allow you to download the RAW files (.nef extension).

    I believe your images have to be converted to a standard format before they can be posted online. View NX2 has a conversion button allowing you to do convert to ;jpg or .tif. You can also shrink the file size at the same time. Maybe someone who uses Facebook can shed more light on that; sorry, I am not on FB.

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    Thank you WELLIESNBRELLAS, I don't remember seeing a NX2 disc. I bought the camera as a kit and a whole lot of stuff came with it so there might be one somewhere. I will check out the website.
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    Another option for this is the Capture NXD program that Nikon offers free on their website. It includes some more sophisticated options for sharpening and noise reduction than View NX2, but for some purposes you might find View NX2 more convenient. There is a newer View NX program now that integrates with Capture NXD, which some people don't like as well, so if you can find View NX2, you might stick with that. The new View NX program, I hear, overwrites the old one, and getting it back may be a hassle.

    You can, however, easily run both View NX2 and Capture NXD, without interference. However, images modified with Capture may not later be readable by View.

    If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, you can get from Microsoft a free codec that will allow Windows to read NEF (Raw) files, and once that is in your computer, other programs should be able to see them, though not to write them back. Freeware programs such as Irfanview can do this well, and allow bulk resizing and re-saving as JPG files suitable for web applications. The Nikon programs also allow bulk conversion to JPG, which is what most web pages want.

    By the way, you should check for instruction PDF files on CD while you're at it. I don't know for sure about the D3300, but the D3200 comes with a crippled user manual. The full manual is available only as a PDF file. If you can't find the disk, get it from Nikon's web site. It's much more complete than the paper one.
  • Thank you Bruto. I will look into it. :)
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