How to run the training CD

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I just purchased a Nikon D3300, but cannot get the training CD to play on my old windows 8 computer. Any ideas?


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    What is on the CD? On the D3200 and all the models I've run across so far, the contents are a full text manual (in PDF form) and the View NX2 program, which is a post processing program tailored to the image files the camera produces.

    The PDF file of the manual is more complete than the printed manual, and you should, if possible download that to your computer so you can read it as needed.

    It's worthwhile to install the View NX2 program also, especially if you deal with Raw files, as there are a number of post processing changes you can make to a Raw file that you cannot make to any other, and this program makes those changes easy.

    There is no training CD with the older models. If there is one for yours, it would help to know what the CD label says, and what file types are on it.
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