White or green dot appearing in photos

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There's a white or green dot appearing in my photos each time I take a picture, and it's in the same area. I'll put link so that you can see what it looks like.


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    I dont know how to put a file here. Can anyone help? Give me your email and I'll send the sample picture with the white or green dot on it.
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    This site does not host photos, I'm afraid.

    If you can find a free photo host you could put it there and link to it. I've been using one called "jumpshare", which is not terribly photo oriented but gives a lot of space for on line file sharing and includes a pretty clever utility that allows you to put an icon in the system tray and drag an image to it, whereupon it loads and puts the bookmark in your clipboard file. You'll probably have to use a somewhat downsized JPG image if you do this.

    Just guessing, though, I'd first suspect a piece of dirt or dust on the sensor. If you have not gone to the menu and run a sensor cleaning cycle, I suggest that's the first step. If it seems to help but does not clear up the problem, I'd do it again before continuing with anything more drastic. I have mine set to clean whenever I shut down, and it's stayed fine for a long time.

    I'd be very hesitant to do more than that. It's possible to clean your own sensor, but not for the faint of heart, and possible to damage it. If the problem persists I'd take it somewhere.
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    Thanks bruto. The host messaged me on facebook and said it's a hot pixel or stuck pixel. I'll take it today to a Nikon service center.
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