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Moose, I am using my T2i using the quality setting L 18M 5184x3456 on manual mode. Lens is 18-55mm, Fstop 4.5, and ISO at 3200. The shutteris about 160, but I have to bring the shutter down to 60 or 80. I'm getting plenty of compliments by the way. I have the white balance set on auto. I have been taking shots of our new born baby girl indoors with lamps and bedroom lights as the light source. I've done some searching on the net about quality for the T2i and found raw was coming up a lot. So, which quality setting do you keep your T2i on? Or since my situation is indoors with your normal home lighting, is the setting I'm using now is fine?

Thanks in advance, Sean


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    If a JPG looks good it is good. The Raw image will be easier to modify. In particular, if you have any issues with white balance in varying indoor light, Raw processing allows you to change that very easily and change it back later. You will get a little better quality usually by doing all post processing operations before the final conversion to compressed JPG.

    If you have a good Raw editor (especially one that is tailored to the camera) I'd shoot either Raw or both Raw and JPG on the camera's memory card, for the most versatile results. If you are going to shoot JPG only, use the largest size and the least compression. There's really no reason not to unless you're shooting long bursts that exhaust your camera's memory buffer, as you can always downsize and lower quality later, but you can never put it back.
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    Hi @HCLR,
    Couldn't agree more with @Bruto. Full marks to you for using manual settings. With IS enabled on your 18-55mm, a shutter speed of 1/60 to 1/80 is easily achieved handheld. However, one word of caution - as your baby becomes more active and mobile 1/60 is too slow to capture movement and you will start getting blurry pictures. You will have to consider other settings and/or flash when babe starts to move.
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  • Thanks ya'll.
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