Canon Speedlite 420EX and the T2i?

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I have a Canon Speedlite 420EX that I used with my Canon G5. (The beloved G5 passed away a couple of weeks ago.) I've managed to purchase a Canon T2i. Can I use the 420EX with my new camera?

I was told by an individual that using an older flash with a newer camera would ruin the electronics, hot shoe, mirror or something. I'm really not sure if this person knew what he was talking about, or if some hidden agenda was at hand.

I do a lot of shooting in a dimly lit reception hall, and my week with the T2i and its 18-55mm kit lens have me missing the ability to add light to my subjects. I'm seeing dollar signs attached with A) risk to the new camera if the individual was right or B) if I have to purchase a new external flash. Advice and a little explanation would be appreciated.


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    Hi @Ananon - Your T2i is perfectly compatible with your 420EX speedlite. Some older models may not utilize certain functions (see page 147 of the manual), but absolutely no damage will come from using it. The person you spoke to as we say in England "was 'aving a laugh" or in other words talking nonsense. Regards - PBked
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    I'm not familiar with the 420EX, but I have read that some older units are not compatible because of voltage differences. If you have a way to get the voltage checked to be sure, I would. But again I am not familiar with the 420EX.
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    Hi again @Fotodude - Canon states that the T2i is compatible with all EX series speedlites. They wouldn't make a statement like this without the knowledge. However, as I mentioned to @Ananon above, some functions may not be available as shown on page 147 of the manual. Personally, with a newish camera like the T2i, I would be tempted to upgrade my flash unit also. Regards - PBked
  • Howdy @Ananon - Worry not my friend...the 430EX (version 1) is compatible with the T2i. Give her a go! Sorry about your G5. She was a classic. Happy shooting! :)
  • Thanks everyone!
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