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I have a Nikon D5500, and sadly, even when I think it is in focus, it's not and it turns out blurry. How can I fix this?


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    A bit more information would help.

    But for starters, I suggest you check your focus mode. Try putting the camera into Aperture Priority mode, and set the aperture to about f/8. Now, make sure the focus mode is set, not at multi-area, but at either Single servo or Continuous servo, and dynamic area focus. In this mode, focus will begin at a single point, which you choose. Make sure the single point is centered in the finder. You can use the [OK] button to center it.

    Now take a picture of some object, focusing on that object. If the image is sharp now, then you know the camera is working and the lens is OK, and your problem is getting focused on the right object.

    If this still does not get you sharpness, try setting the camera on a tripod or stable platform, and switch to Live View. It does not matter what you are aiming it at here for a test, but aim it at something, and see if it focuses correctly.

    Make sure too that you have AV on at the lens, and that you are holding the camera steadily and have the shutter speed high enough. Without further information, it's hard to know what is causing the blur. It could be focus error, camera jiggle, or (less likely) a mechanical problem with camera or lens. So the first thing you need to do is to try to eliminate variables and determine if you can get a sharp shot at all.

    If you can post a picture, it would help.
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