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I am new to this camera, and I'm taking my grandchildren to the zoo that is light up with lights for Christmas . Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi @VICKI,
    As you are new to the camera I would suggest sticking to P (program) mode. I take it that the zoo will be lit with fairy type lights rather than floodlighting, so I would still use flash where possible. The built in flash is not very powerful so I would use an external flash like a speedlite if you have one. If not, the built in flash will have to do, but try to get as close to your subject as possible.
    Trust in Auto white balance and also set Auto ISO. Choose the middle focus point and treat pictures of animals like you would human portraits; focus on the eyes or face if possible.
    Use the viewfinder and hold the camera as your manual shows and not live view at arm's length as this will probably lead to camera shake and blurry pictures.
    I don't know how many grandchildren you have, but if it is more than 2, group them tightly and return to auto focus (pressing the set button toggles between centre point and all points).
    Good luck and happy shooting.
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    Thank you! I bought your cards for this camera and love them; they have helped already.
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