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Did the D5200 replace the D5000? If so, are there major changes or will discussions, etc. apply to both cameras, as I have the D5000 kit.


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    In the D5xxx family, as in the D3xxx and D7xxx family, the numbers represent updates. There's usually some overlap before an older model is discontinued.

    But the D5000 was replaced by the D5100, then by the D5200, D5300, and now the D5500 (no D5400). The main upgrades have been in sensor density and high ISO range. The D5100 has a 16 megapixel sensor and the D5200 has a 24 megapixel sensor and available ISO has increased with each model. Various other things have been added, including more advanced auto focus systems, wifi, bigger display screen, and whatnot, but the basic design has not changed greatly. The D5xxx family still has a number of options that the D3xxx family lacks.

    Most of the discussions will still apply, but the D5000 will have a lower maximum ISO, making some shots in very poor conditions harder, though with little change in normal use. The smaller sensor size, while not particularly problematic for most shots, will limit your ability to achieve "digital zoom" by cropping. Image quality is not much different if at all, but the dense later sensors let you chop a good deal off without pixelating or losing too much resolution. For almost all normal situations though, a 12 megapixel image is plenty.

    I would expect any discussions relevant to the D5xxx family, and many relevant to the D3xxx family as well will still be relevant, even though you may have to check whether features mentioned are exactly the same. The principles of photography don't change, and the basic functions of the camera have remained pretty consistent.

    One other thing likely if you have the original kit for the D5000 is that your kit lens or lenses probably do not have vibration reduction. Later versions of the same lenses will perform much the same, but will allow shooting at lower shutter speeds than you can.

  • I have a D5000 and when I power it on now, he gives me the infos....
    Please help me to recover the image I had in place of theses infos.
  • I was under the impression that the D5000 should provide information on the rear screen rather than an image when it powers on. There is a menu setting for whether it displays the image you just made. (in the playback menu, "Image Review.") In Live view you get the image on the display, but it should not start up in Live View. If that's what you're used to, push the LV button.

    If you are referring to the playback image itself, there is a menu selection for what is displayed when you push the ">" button for playback. There are various info screens that can be enabled (via menu again). To cycle through the ones enabled, use the up/down arrows on the rear multi-selector. It will remain at the screen chosen until you use the up or down arrow again. If this is a constant annoyance you can go to the menu and uncheck screens you don't want, but some can be pretty handy, so you might do better to leave them there, and select them when you need.

    I like the "overview" view, which shows a small image with basic information and a histogram, and also the "highlights" view which shows if there are any areas of white that are seriously overexposed. But there is also a three-page set of info screens that are rarely needed, and you could uncheck those and probably never miss them.
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