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I've used your setting for sports/fast action (daytime-outside) for football and it works great. I'm using the Canon EF 75-300mm 1.5m/4.9ft lens. After it gets dark (night), I'm having trouble finding a setting. The images turn out extremely blurry. I also have the Canon EFS 18-135mm Marco 0.39/1.3ft lens, but it doesn't give me the zoom I like or need for shooting football.
Can you help?


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    Your 75-300mm is fine for daytime shots, however, with a minimum aperture of f/4, it is not so good at night. The blurriness is probably due to camera shake or possibly poor focussing. BTW you would get the same with the 18-135mm as its minimum aperture is f/3.5, only 1/2 of a stop wider than the 75-300mm.
    At night you will need to consider using a tripod or at least a monopod (switch IS off if using either). To get the fastest shutter speed possible, use TV and set your ISO really high. Noise becomes a real problem after 1600 ISO, but it's better to get some noise and get the shot. You could try using your camera's 'High ISO noise reduction feature', but you will still get noise. You may be able to reduce some noise in post processing.
    The only other way is to purchase a zoom with a larger aperture (f/2.8), but then you are talking serious cash.
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