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Can someone please break down custom functions # 1, 3 and 5?


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    All these functions are explained well in the manual on pages 301 and 302. However, I'll explain briefly.
    cn func 1 is to do with exposure compensation if you want to lighten or darken your exposure over the chosen aperture and shutter settings. Each mark on the scale represents 1/3 of a stop (default). This is finer than 1/2 which will over or under expose your pictures quicker for each mark on the scale.
    cn func 3 allows you to set highlight tone priority which means the camera will lessen highlights and reveal more detail in shadows. However, setting this function disables other functions like auto lighting optimiser.
    cn func 5 allows you to lock up the mirror when using a tripod or very low shutter speeds or if you want to be brave and clean your own sensor. Obviously you need to focus before locking up the mirror as, once up, you will see nothing through the viewfinder. When using live view the mirror is locked up automatically as you will then be viewing an electronic view of your subject.
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    Thanks man.
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