Retouch menu is not accessible

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I am unable to access the retouch menu. It popped up a message saying, "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera current state".
Can any one help me access retouch options in the settings? I want to click photos using selective color but I'm not able to because of this problem.


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    If you insert a memory card which contains only photos from another source, that message will appear. If you are able to read images in preview mode but cannot access that menu, I'd suspect some problem, but the first thing to do is to check whether the memory card contains any images the camera recognizes. Memory cards and their contents can be corrupted, so the error need not be yours.

    The first thing to do is to re-insert the memory card to make sure the camera did not fail to register it properly. A quick check then would be to take a fresh picture, making sure that the card has recorded it properly by checking the preview. You don't need to reformat the card for this test. If the retouch menu still does not open, then I think the camera might have a problem. If the retouch menu opens for that picture, then the problem is simply that the other images on the card cannot be read.

    If there are images on the card that are not backed up anywhere else, you should immediately get them on another medium if you can, because it would appear that there is a card problem.

    You will also get that message if the memory card is locked, though that will also give you a locked card warning when you turn the camera on.
  • Just register to thank you mr.Bruto i tried to solve the problem for a month . Thank you so much
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