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I tried my new external flash, but the built-in flash of my Nikon D3100 is still opening even though I mounted the external flash. How am I able to lock the flash of my built-in flash so it will not open every time I take a shot with my external flash? Or is this normal?


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    Although the flash on my camera is not flashing while taking photos, I guess it can harm my camera while taking a photo with my flash slightly open.
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    The camera's flash should open only if you are using a mode in which flash is normally chosen, such as "auto" or "portrait". It will not fire if you have an external flash on, and at least according to the D3200 instructions there seems to be no warning about having it pop partway open, and it appears that this behavior is normal and probably not harmful.

    Nonetheless, if you're using an external flash, I would recommend going to P, S, A or M mode. In those modes, the internal flash will not open by itself, and will only open if you push the flash button.

    If you have an external flash on and prepared to fire, it will always fire, even if you are in a mode such as "sports" in which the built in flash never fires. If I read the instructions right, only in the "auto no-flash" mode will neither flash ever fire.

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