Cheat sheet for 55-200mm

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Hi! I'm new to your site and I'm looking forward to learning better ways to shoot from it. Currently, I'm shooting a lot of sports (team photo mom for soccer), using the 55-200mm. Will you be producing cheat sheets for this combination as well? If not, will the sheets your working on using the 55-300mm be close in comparison? I look forward to using the cheat sheets, thanks!


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    Hi @ammwhatiamm - I actually do have a set of cheat cards for the 55-200mm lens, you can find it just above the 55-300mm set here.
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    I need help terribly with this lens. I do my sons photography, indoor, and our farm and horses outdoor. I can shoot 200 pictures and when I upload to edit, there are maybe 12-15 I like. I can't get this lens set to take the great pictures I was able to get before. I have the Nikon D3100 and just got the 55-200mm lens, but I need some advice on perfect settings.
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