Tamron 18-200mm zoom

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I have an SL1 and when I use this lens I can shoot a couple of photos and then the camera says " Error 01: Sensor connection between lens and camera is faulty, clean lens contacts" or something to that nature. Never happens with any other lens. I have wiped off the sensors, etc. What's the fix, short of getting another lens?


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    Is this is a new lens acquisition or have you had it for some time? It is rare for Tamron not to be able to communicate with the cameras it is designed for, however, it has happened and in this case you need to seek out the advice of an approved Tamron dealer to investigate the costs involved in having the lens looked at. Many people are unaware that lenses are 'chipped' and can be upgraded by firmware. This may be all that is needed in your case.
    I'm assuming of course, that you have carried out the basics, ie. cleaned the contacts, removed and refitted the battery, reset the camera to default settings and checked your camera for the most up-to-date firmware from Canon.
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    Thanks, I did not think about removing and refitting the battery. I'll see if that works. Thanks again for the good tip, much appreciated.
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