Black picture/no image display on LV

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On my D3100 the LCD is black and no images display. I can see the subject thru the viewfinder, but the picture turned out black. I switched to Live View, I could not see anything but black screen. Four years of use, and I have never dropped it.


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    Does not sound very good.

    Three things to check:
    Does this occur at all settings? In other words, if you change from manual to auto, etc., does it make a difference?

    Is the mirror lifting? When in live view, can you still see through the viewfinder (viewfinder should be black in live view).

    Is the shutter working? You can check this by removing the lens, putting the camera in manual mode, and then turning it on. If you then switch to Live View, you should see the mirror flip up and the shutter open. The sensor is shiny and bluish in appearance. While still looking into the camera, click the shutter (any speed does not matter). For a longer exposure time it should close, open for the time of the exposure, then close again, then open again for Live view. For faster exposures, you might miss the sequence but it should be seen to start open, close briefly and then reopen.
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    Yes it is occurring in all settings. I even reset the camera and it's still black. In live view the viewfinder is black and I did it all; removing the lens, manual mode, then on. The mirror flipped every time I clicked on the shutter and all image came black. Thanks for your help though!
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    I'm sorry to say that does not sound good, and I expect it's time to seek service, because it's pretty clear whatever it's doing is not operator error.
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