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How do I set the camera for long exposures? Thanks.


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    As I'm sure you're aware, the longest shutter setting available is 30 seconds. The "bulb" setting will hold the shutter as long as you want, but requires that you keep your finger on the button, which will of course jiggle the rig.

    The only true time exposure (i.e. hands free over thirty seconds) requires the infrared wireless remote. With this, when you use the "bulb" setting, the first push of the button opens the shutter and the second closes it. The good news is that you can get the remote for ten bucks or less, and it's a very handy thing to have anyway. B&H has one for 6 or so, and many places, including Target stores, sell generic ones. Target's, usable on several different brands, costs about ten bucks.
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    Thank you sir.
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    I have been out of the astrophoto hobby for way too long! I found an Insignia remote at best buy for 20 bucks. Thanks again.
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