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I was following the tips on this post however I'm running into a different end result.

Aperture Priority mode (A on the mode dial)
Aperture set to f/8
ISO set to 100
Image Quality set to NEF (RAW)
Focus Mode set to AF-S
AF-Area mode set to Auto-Area AF
Metering set to Matrix
Release Mode set to Self-timer
Focal Length (zoom) set to 14mm

However my shutter speed is 1/60 instead of 30". Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


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    Hey Wanderlust,

    Even in the darkness the camera chose a shutter speed of 1/60. I think it is the lighting that changes the shutter speed, as I can see the shot of the image in complete darkness basically. So if you're shooting in the day, you will get a faster shutter speed.

    Maybe someone else can give you better details as I'm learning as well.

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    Hi Howard,

    That makes complete sense to me and I tested the theory. Thank you very much for your help!
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    You're welcome, glad I could help. I'm also learning my D3100, but so far so good; understanding new things everyday.

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    Yes, in aperture priority mode, everything you set will remain as you set it, except that the camera's meter will adjust the shutter speed to give you correct exposure.

    This is the basic automatic exposure mode preferred by many who like to control a camera but still trust the meter.

    If you have Auto ISO set as well, then the camera's meter will adjust shutter speed first, but when it goes too low it will raise the ISO. If you are using a tripod, you want to keep ISO low and let the shutter speed drop as low as it cares to go, so shut off the Auto ISO.
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