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Hi guys, please excuse my ignorance but it's my first few days with my first DSLR, a D3300.
In aperture priority mode ( A ), the book says that I should be able to read the info on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder once the shutter button is depressed half way. When I do this the info is available in the viewfinder but the LCD screen goes blank.
I have explored the menu but can't find a setting that might affect this. Any ideas?

Thanks so much


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    As far as I know, this is the way it is at least on the D3200. The shutter button will darken the display screen as soon as you push it. If you want to re-examine it, push the "info" button just behind the shutter button. There is a menu selection (auto info display) in the setup menu to determine whether the display stays lit when you start up, or whether it goes off after you boot. The LCD screen uses a fair amount of energy, so I would suggest you turn auto display off and use the info button when you need to review the screen. As soon as you push the shutter button it will go off again.
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    Sounds very sensible! Thanks very much for the input.
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