Is there a way to save custom settings?

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Hi Moose, I bought your cheat cards and they are awesome. Is there a way to have the settings I use saved in some sort? I sometimes take photos at events, so people are constantly moving or the light changes. Having to change the settings all the time takes longer than I wish it would.



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    Unfortunately your camera does not have a way to save specific settings. The T2i can save certain functions for repetitive use in the My Menu tab. Canon does provide basic settings for sports, landscape and macro using the mode dial and the Q (quick menu) enables you to change several settings fairly quickly and easily as does using the CA (creative auto) mode.
    When you think about what you said above, it makes perfect sense not to have a dedicated 'custom' button (i.e. people are constantly moving or the light is constantly changing). If you haven't spent much time with the Q button, it's a good idea to practice with it.
  • Hey @akec - Glad you're enjoying the cheat cards! Unfortunately, as @pbked pointed out, this is a feature Canon usually includes on their higher end DSLR's. The T2i doesn't have this ability.

    If you're primarily photographing people at an event, then the two things that will change are the shutter speed and the ISO.

    If you look at the "Portrait" cheat card for outdoor and indoor situations, the primary difference between the two is the ISO. You use lower ISO's when shooting outdoors and higher ISO's when shooting indoors. So make a mental note to adjust the ISO anytime you pass through a door.

    Regarding the shutter speed, if you look at the "Setup" instructions for both cheat cards, you'll see that it instructs you to rotate the main dial to adjust the brightness. When you do this, you're changing the shutter speed.

    So when it comes to adjusting settings, the only thing I would focus on is making small adjustments to the shutter speed to get the right amount of brightness on your subjects face and then adjust the ISO when stepping indoors/outdoors. All the best!
  • Thanks!
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    Hi, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and I'm having trouble with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I put a new memory card in and it says Exp. SIM on the display, and it won't let me take pictures. I tried a different, new card and it's the same. Can you help please?
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    Never mind! I figured it out.
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